About Us

What is ADempiere?

ADempiere is a versatile, open-source ERP/CRM/SCM solution that’s been developed by a committed group. The project prioritizes high-quality software, as well as an openness and collaborative community that includes subject matter experts, implementers, developers, and end-users.

Software is a big asset to your company. It can be used for all types of business listing, including real estate and rental listings, as well as professional services and even individualized home renovations. The open-source community behind the project has maintained a consistent development and improvement schedule over the years, with fast performance and creative solutions


To assist firms in all corners of the world to develop with freedom. To do so, we concentrate on high-quality code and have cultivated a culture that encourages, recognizes, and values our great community, allowing them to share their expertise with the rest of the world.


To be the greatest free open source business software in the world that encourages businesses to collaborate and create win-win relationships with their users. Our aim is to build a minimal core surrounded by a variety of plugins to meet any company requirement. To bring software freedom to the planet, we promise reliable software and an open source foundation.

Value proposition

ADempiere is a B2B service that allows you to create, innovate and grow your business with ease. It’s like having a virtual team of professionals dedicated to helping you succeed! With ADempiere, every information management issue can be addressed – from large projects to small details. You get access to the best experts in the world who contribute